Welcome to Curtain Call Academy

Here at Curtain Call we have a passion for performing. We believe that all children should experience what a first class performing arts training is like from the comfort of their own school hall.

We specialize in providing only the highest standard of musical theatre class directly to your students in a weekly after school club style. We come ready to begin when the bell rings, tailor the class to fit in with your usual club timetable and also ensure that your students are working within their relevant Key Stage.

Whilst tailored to suit the individual requirements of different schools, our 'Glee Clubs' have been inspired by the hit TV show, which has introduced a whole new generation to the wonders and excitement of musical theatre. Each Glee Club focuses on teaching pop and musical theatre material, accompanied by dance and movement, in a fun environment which encourages each child to be creative and let their talents shine.

Learn From Professionally Trained Performers

Curtain Call Theatre Academy Students

All of our teachers are professionally trained performers who have a wealth of experience working within the theatre industry. They love working with children and young adults in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, providing them with the creative guidance that will not only help to shape great performances, but also equip them with vital confidence and interpersonal skills.

How Glee Club Works

Each class is given a theme, for example, a specific musical. The students are then taken through a comprehensive and energetic physical and vocal warm up, followed by a swift acting master class. They are then taught a song from the themed musical, which is brought to life through the setting of dance and movement to the music they have learnt.

We aim to equip the students with as much practical experience of performing as possible so that they can think and create independently. They will also discover how music, dance and acting all work in harmony to create a complete performance, whilst enhancing social skills and increasing self-confidence.